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Tripwire IP360

Vulnerability & Risk Management

Tripwire IP360, the world's leading vulnerability and risk management solution, has enabled thousands of enterprises and government agencies to cost-effectively measure and manage their security risk. Tripwire IP360 has set the industry standard for depth and breadth of discovery and coverage. It comprehensively profiles all networked devices and includes up-to-date coverage of the latest operating systems, applications, and vulnerabilities, providing the ideal foundation for assessing every system on the network. Tripwire IP360’s agentless architecture is designed for rapid deployment and ease of management across large, globally-distributed networks.

The Tripwire IP360 vulnerability and risk management solution delivers:

  • Comprehensive discovery and profiling of all network assets
  • Enterprise scalability, ease of deployment and operational effectiveness
  • Integrated web application scanning to identify security risk in web applications
  • Flexible reporting across all levels of the enterprise
Application Inventory and Assessment

Tripwire IP360 discovers all networked hosts, applications, services, vulnerabilities, and configurations providing a comprehensive view of your network and building the foundation for effective risk management and compliance processes. Only Tripwire IP360 provides host and network profiling through an agentless, non-intrusive, and low bandwidth solution.

Security Risk Prioritization

Tripwire IP360 discovers a wealth of data about the hosts that reside on your network, but rather than provide that data in an endless list like traditional solutions, Tripwire IP360 prioritizes remediation tasks, enabling users to focus on the items that will most effectively reduce risk on critical systems. This prioritization enables security teams to best use their valuable resources to reduce their highest risk. Reports are available for all audiences, from technically-focused users to executives, providing a customized view into the state of the network.

Ease of Integration

Tripwire IP360 utilizes open standards, enabling the integration of vulnerability and risk management into existing business processes and IT systems such as help desk, asset management, and other security solutions. The comprehensive endpoint intelligence gathered by Tripwire IP360 can be leveraged to enhance existing solutions and drive automation within the security ecosystem.

Delivery Options

Tripwire offers the most options and greatest flexibility on the market to help meet the varying needs of enterprises. Tripwire purchase and service offerings are designed to provide IT teams with choice, regardless of their financing or administrative requirements.