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Aggregate, Search and Analyze Logs for Security and Compliance

Tripwire Log Center ensures that organizations meet regulatory requirements around complete, secure and reliable log collection. The agent used to collect and forward log data ensures that if a system, device or other asset goes down, you have 100 percent certainty that you’ve got all the data. In addition we provide high levels of compression to reduce storage demands, while protecting those logs from alteration.

Our Hyperlogging capability ensures that when logging gets turned off, whether accidentally or to cover the tracks of an attack, it immediately and automatically gets turned back on. With Tripwire Log Center, you don’t have to purchase third party solutions to be confident that you’ve captured all of your log data.

Query Logs for Security Forensics and Compliance Needs

Detective and Investigative Security

Quickly investigate potential threats and conduct a forensic analysis of a security incidents. Classification of all log messages using a standards-based language makes it easy to perform searches across all your devices and platforms and obtain accurate, comprehensive results. That lets security analysts easily and quickly contain a breach, analyze security incidents and minimize damages.

Compliance and Management Reporting

Regulatory and Security Policy Compliance

Use advanced log management capabilities to capture, archive and report on log activities to meet regulatory compliance. Drill down for security root cause analysis and report up to management with easy-to-interpret reports. With standards-based classification of log messages, easily find cross-platform and device information for security and compliance.

Operational Dashboard and Forensics Analysis

Operational Troubleshooting and Administration

Investigate problems and monitor system and application availability with log management capabilities that help you quickly figure out what went wrong. Receive real-time alerts when logging for critical systems is turned off—whether inadvertently or with malicious intent. You can do this using Hyperlogging, an available capability when using Tripwire® Log Center® and Tripwire Enterprise together.