Log management and intelligence

Log Management & Intelligence

Tripwire Log Center

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Get to the bottom of suspicious behavior with superior log and event management. Accurate. Fast. Thorough.


Protection Against Cyber Threats

Address security incidents swiftly and share information across departments. Tripwire® Log Center® combines the real-time intelligence and automation of a SIEM with fast security reporting so you can detect threats quickly.


Secure & Reliable Log Collection

Tripwire Log Center ensures you meet regulations around complete, secure and reliable log collection. Our advanced agent delivers encrypted, compressed logs, keeping data safe from interception, alteration and deletion.


Enterprise Integration

Tripwire Log Center normalizes data from security devices and applications, integrating them with Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360™. Use as a standalone SIEM or enhance an existing SIEM solution for better ROI.


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You quickly need to find suspicious, malicious or unusual behavior in a sea of change and event data. Tripwire’s high-performance Log Intelligence solution delivers "lose no events" and secure, reliable and complete log collection. Real actionable answers for today’s threats.

Features & Benefits

Log Intelligence

Tripwire Log Center

Change detection systems can generate massive amounts of data. What sets Tripwire apart is its ability to add intelligence to the change data to make it intelligible and actionable.