Reduce the cost of PCI DSS Compliance

Tripwire combines the power of configuration control and file integrity monitoring (FIM) with comprehensive log and security information event management (SIEM) capabilities to deliver continuous compliance and unmatched PCI DSS compliance.

Tripwire’s comprehensive solution:

  • Addresses 11 of the 12 PCI DSS Compliance requirements, with specific log management and file integrity monitoring in Requirement 10 and 11.
  • Helps identify settings that are not PCI compliant across your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Provides dynamic change intelligence to prioritize changes or events of interest that cause you to drift out of PCI compliance with built-in, real-time configuration control.
  • Instantly alerts you to all changes or suspicious events that could take you out of compliance.
  • Stores configuration states over time to prove continuous compliance in an audit.
  • Automates the repair of configurations that have fallen out of compliance and returns them to a secure and compliant state.

PCI DSS and the "Top 20" Critical Security Controls white paper

Tripwire Express for PCI DSS Compliance

Tripwire Express offers self-service implementation, one server at a time, providing small retailers a pay-as-you-grow PCI compliance solution that that can be implemented immediately and affordably.

PCI for Retailers

Achieve PCI compliance cost-effectively for your entire retail ecosystem, from point-of-sale systems to backend payment processing.

PCI for Hospitality

Hospitality industry businesses must extend their PCI compliance efforts all the way to the credit card data captured at the front desk.


Tripwire Enterprise Product Brief