Tripwire SecureCheq
Free Configuration Evaluator

Tests for common configuration errors and weaknesses in Microsoft Windows desktops and servers.


Weak Windows Configurations

Free tests for typical and often dangerous Windows configuration errors. Microsoft is the backbone of many enterprise networks. Find out if you have weak configuration parameters exposing you to security threats.

Remediation Guidance

Tripwire® SecureCheq™ delivers twenty checks for different security configuration errors and includes detailed remediation guidance on findings.

Harden Configurations

Tripwire SecureCheq demonstrates how your systems need to be continually hardened against configuration errors related to OS hardening, data protection, user account activity and audit logging.


SecureCheq screenshot

Tripwire SecureCheq is a fast, simple utility for Windows servers and desktops that tests for and answers such questions as: What are our current configurations? What hardening may be recommended? How weak (or strong) are our security settings?

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