Tripwire SecureScan

Find security vulnerabilities on your network with Tripwire SecureScan and get instructions on how to fix them.
For Free.


Free License, Better Than A Free Trial

Free vulnerability scanning for up to 100 IPs on your internal network. Know your networks, your vulnerabilities and how to manage risk.

Find Devices

Find network weaknesses including lost or hidden devices. More Internet-connected devices mean more opportunity for compromise. Tripwire® SecureScan makes it easy for smaller organizations to know exactly which devices are on their networks.

Simplified Cloud Security

Cloud-based and easy to use. No training or dedicated hardware or software required. Tripwire SecureScan uses the same proven enterprise-class vulnerability scanning platform behind Tripwire’s award-winning vulnerability products, Tripwire IP360 and Tripwire PureCloud Enterprise.

SecureScan Reviews

“I found the interface to be quite intuitive. The free version for up to 100 IPs is great as well. I will try it in my home lab for a bit longer before I try it at work. Our server subnet is only a fraction of the 100 IPs that we can use on the free version, but if that proves useful, we might look at it for our user subnet as well.” – Small Retailer
“The service from this free tool is one of the best I have used before. I have used other products which are offered a bit more but those cost lot of money. Also it is really easy to setup.” – IT Service Provider

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