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Tripwire Managed Services: We do the work, you get the valuable Tripwire IT security and compliance data. And the credit.

Sometimes it just makes sense to outsource. Perhaps you have staff or budget constraints. Or maybe you know that someone else can do it better, faster and more effectively. Tripwire Managed Services offer you that trusted level of expertise with assistance implementing your Tripwire products, and ongoing help managing them so that you get the valuable data you need to protect your organization’s critical infrastructure and data. To get started, contact your Tripwire sales representative or .

Remote Operations

Let Tripwire-certified experts implement, configure and tune the implementation of your Tripwire solution to meet your unique needs. Then let us manage the day-to-day operations and administration of your solution. The Remote Operations service is ideal when you don’t have the in-house expertise, time or budget. So let us become an indispensable member of your IT security and compliance team—you tell us what you want, and we give you the data and reports you need to succeed.

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