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Learn everything you need to speed deployment, ease day-to-day maintenance, and quickly reap the value of your Tripwire investment, wherever that may be. Instructor-led classes are available around the globe in our professional classrooms or at your location. If you prefer Instructor-led courses but cannot travel you can take a Virtual Instructor Led course! Also offered are self-study, self-paced courses in a printed format or via eLearning, you can choose the type of learning that’s right for you.

Tripwire Training gives your IT team the tools they need to properly implement and manage your Tripwire solutions by providing them with an in-depth learning experience that fits their learning style and schedule. Participants in the program gain practical product knowledge and skills via comprehensive coursework and hands-on labs, and may be eligible for Tripwire certification upon successful completion of a course exam.

Comprehensive and Complete: Tripwire Training Your Way

Get you the training you need, the way you want it.

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Instructor-Led Training

Tripwire offers instructor-led training around the globe. Two- and three-day events offer a thorough, expert-led examination of Tripwire products in a hands-on, professional environment. Find the event nearest you today.

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training

If you prefer Instructor-Led Training but cannot attend one of our classes scheduled in physical training rooms around the world, take advantage of Virtual, Instructor-Led Training!

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On-Site Training

Bring your IT staff up to speed quickly and conveniently. On-Site Training brings the Tripwire experts to you. Certified Instructors teach you how to implement Tripwire products at your workplace, on your own schedule.

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eLearning provides rich online, multimedia training for students who like to go at their own pace from the comfort of their own desk. Tripwire takes eTraining beyond the in-depth curriculum of our Instructor-Led courses, coupling it with supplemental exercises and tutorials to ensure content knowledge and retention.

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Self-Paced Training

Self-Paced Training allows participants to earn their Tripwire certifications at their own speed, and convenience. Comprehensive take-home kits that include all the educational content of our Instructor-Led courses teach how to implement and maintain Tripwire solutions. Includes hands-on labs.

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