Security Configuration Management

Security Configuration Management

Tripwire Enterprise

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Real-time threat detection, security automation and business context.


Real-time Change Intelligence

Get real-time threat detection and notification at the speed of change. Tripwire® Enterprise delivers change audit and threat detection with high precision, business context and insight for what to do about it.


System Hardening and Compliance Enforcement

Tripwire Policy Manager delivers proactive configuration hardening based on compliance requirements, reduces audit preparation time and cost, and provides audit-ready reporting with evidence of compliance, remediation and exception management.


Security Automation and Remediation

Configuration errors need corrective measures. Tripwire Remediation Manager delivers automation and guidance for rapid repair of broken or security misconfigurations, and integrates with SIEMs, IT-GRC, workflow systems, change management systems and more.


Tripwire Enterprise Product Brief

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Managing Change with Tripwire Enterprise

Learn how a single solution—Tripwire Enterprise—manages change to put you in control of your IT security, compliance and operations needs.

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Security Configuration Management Lifecycle

Security Configuration Management Lifecycle

Tripwire Enterprise is a security configuration management suite whose Policy Management, Integrity Management, and Remediation Management capabilities stand alone or work together as a comprehensive, tightly integrated SCM solution. Along with Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager, Tripwire can address the range of enterprise systems that can be monitored with an agent or agentlessly.