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Tripwire Enterprise: End-to-End Security Configuration Management

Nothing is more critical to information security than establishing and maintaining “known and trusted” configuration states for servers, network devices and databases. Even with that achieved, IT networks are porous and constantly shifting. The IT security solutions that protect them need continual connections to businesses that are highly dynamic and changeable.

Tripwire Enterprise is a security configuration management suite whose Policy Management, Integrity Management, and Remediation Management capabilities stand-alone or work together in a comprehensive, tightly integrated SCM solution.

Key Features

Change-triggered Configuration Assessment

At-A-Glance Dashboards
  • Continuous, real-time protection with broadest platform and policy support of any SCM solution suite, specially built for core data center usage
  • Correlate approved changes to changes actually made, providing proof of compliance with IT policies and standards

World's Best File Integrity Monitoring

ChangeIQ: Assess and Prioritizes Detected Changes
  • Increase operational efficiencies by reducing configuration drift and unauthorized change
  • Deep integrity assessment uses ChangeIQ technology to help differentiate between good and bad change
  • Integrate with change management ticketing systems for closed-loop change control

Achieve Continuous Compliance

  • Proactively harden systems based on compliance requirements
  • Prevent audit failures by complying with standards
  • Reduce costs by preparing and passing audits quickly

Integrate SCM into IT Security Operations

At-A-Glance Dashboards
  • Integrate with incident management/SIEMs to enable early breach detection
  • Saves time and money for IT Operations with built-in remediation guidance or automated, multi-user remediation workflow
  • Integrate with IT governance systems to provide system state intelligence

Visualize and Report SCM Results to Communicate & Mitigate Risks

At-A-Glance Dashboards
  • Intelligent, automated asset grouping and tagging to transform security control data into business intelligence
  • Web-based, multi-user UI allows security to be pushed out to BUs and operationalized