File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Asset Management

Detect and Correct Suspicious Activity Immediately

What Is File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)?

File integrity monitoring is an integral cybersecurity control required by global compliance requirements like PCI DSS. Invented by the founder of Fortra's Tripwire, FIM enforces the integrity of digital systems by continuously monitoring for changes to files, operating systems, servers, endpoints, and more in real time — showing you what changed, when, and by whom, so you can stop security incidents in their tracks.



What is FIM (file integrity monitoring)


Why Is File Integrity Monitoring Important?

FIM enables you to remediate unauthorized changes, reduce overall risk, and maximize uptime.


Capture all the changes and details of who made the change and when.


Customize severities and scoring to reflect your risk profile and business context.


Auto-reconciliation of detected changes streamlines monitoring and differentiates good from bad changes.


FIM is a fundamental control and is part of almost every compliance regulation and security standard.

Benefits of File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Detect changes in real-time

Identify exactly what changed and by whom

Determine which changes increase risk

Determine which changes result in non-compliance

Distinguish between authorized and unauthorized changes

File Integrity Monitoring Best Practices

Establish a Secure Baseline

Capture the “known good state” of your systems when properly configured so you can monitor for deviations

Monitor More Than Just Files

FIM ensures the integrity of much more than files: Use it to monitor for change in servers, operating systems, networks, endpoints, and more

Keep Security in Mind

It may be a critical part of compliance, but the heart of FIM is security; tracking real-time system changes empowers you to respond to potential breaches before damage is done

Notify the Appropriate Personnel

Alert fatigue makes it hard to pinpoint what needs your urgent attention, so choose a solution that shows the right info to the right people at the right times

Combine with Policy Management

Gain complete integrity control and continuous compliance with visibility into all changes that are suspicious or deviate from compliance

Multi-Policy Coverage

Save time by enforcing multiple compliance policies simultaneously in your integrity monitoring practice, and use a solution capable of custom policy creation

File Integrity Monitoring for Operating Systems (Windows vs. Linux)

In today's world, organizations are running on a variety of different operating systems. It's imperative to find a FIM solution with the flexibility to continuously monitor the operating systems you use today with room to grow. From AIX and Amazon to VMware and Windows, enforce FIM using your choice of operating systems. 

Scalable Protection for Complex Environments


Whether you manage your data on-premises, fully in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment wherein both are used, Tripwire solutions bridge FIM across your entire environment. As the inventors of FIM, Tripwire can provide complete visibility into every change on your network.


Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire® Enterprise pairs the industry’s most respected FIM with security configuration management (SCM) to provide real-time change intelligence and threat detection. For the compliance officer, it delivers proactive system hardening and automated compliance enforcement—resulting in a reduction of audit cycles and cost.

Real-time change detection

Automated compliance

Extensive integrations

Tripwire File Integrity Manager

Tripwire® File Integrity Manager is available for those who want the power of Tripwire FIM without the other features included in Tripwire Enterprise. It uses automation to detect system changes and to remediate those that take a configuration out of policy.

Real-time change detection

“Who, what, and when” change information

Change ticketing system integration

See Tripwire FIM in Action

Organizations with visibility into system changes are more effective at catching intruders and keeping systems online. See what’s going on across your entire IT infrastructure in a single pane of glass.

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Featured Case Studies

Telecom Company

Learn how one global telecommunications company maintained SOX compliance and elevated its change management process with Tripwire Enterprise. Before introducing Tripwire into its environment, it was already taking advantage of ServiceNow to keep DevOps processes running at top speed. But they didn’t have an automated, reliable way to monitor change approvals and reconciliations. In addition to quickly seeing process improvements, the company can now identify application owners that aren’t following the change control process.

Electric Utility Organization

Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) is a U.S. electric generation and transmission cooperative. Along with the need for NERC CIP compliance and FIM, WFEC needed a solution that would identify indicators of compromise and monitor for suspicious activity without causing service interruption. According to WFEC, “Tripwire is not resource-intensive the way anti-virus is. From my perspective, Tripwire does more than traditional antivirus does. It gives you more insight.”

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