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Managed Security Service Provider Partners (MSSPs)

Cost Savings and Security Expertise. They've Got it Covered!


If you are thinking of outsourcing cyber security or that’s already your model, Tripwire is available through a number of the best MSSPs in the business.

Threats are growing. Yet so are IT’s deliverables to your business. And business imperatives can pose risks as well as inefficiencies if they're not properly managed. Many organizations choose to outsource IT security functions to balance tight budgets, lean manpower realities, and skills gaps.

Our MSSPs help you meet these challenges by bundling Tripwire foundational controls with other expert security products for customized coverage. They reduce your time-to-remediation by leveraging Tripwire’s real-time detection, integration, and customizable reporting capabilities to help support your outsourcing efforts.

To best connect you with a Tripwire MSSP, please tell us more about your unique business needs.