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For more than 25 years, Fortra's Tripwire has protected the world’s leading organizations against the most damaging cyberattacks, keeping pace with rapidly changing tech complexities to defend against ever-evolving threats. We're here to help organizations build strong foundations for security, compliance, and operational excellence.

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Tripwire is proud to be part of Fortra’s comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio. Fortra simplifies today’s complex cybersecurity landscape by bringing complementary products together to solve problems in innovative ways. These integrated, scalable solutions address the fast-changing challenges you face in safeguarding your organization. With the help of the powerful protection from Tripwire and others, Fortra is your relentless ally, here for you every step of the way throughout your cybersecurity journey. 

Tripwire simplifies cybersecurity and compliance with powerful solutions and services like Tripwire Enterprise, Tripwire IP360, Tripwire LogCenter, and Tripwire ExpertOps which automate essential security controls, ensuring systems are correctly configured and continuously audit-ready.  

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We believe our customers are our greatest asset. Our thousands of customers are some of the biggest names in finance, retail, industrial, healthcare, and government. Our innovative solutions help our customers achieve their cybersecurity goals to the fullest.

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The Tripwire name is trusted in the industry and has never given reason to doubt it. Continued development and listening to customers only strengthens this fact.

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Our Story

As the pioneers of file integrity monitoring (FIM), Tripwire’s expertise is built on a 25+ year history of innovation. We have more than 40 patents under our belt and never stop inventing new ways to detect issues and defeat intruders.


Tripwire in the '90s

Our story started when our founder Gene Kim developed software as a Purdue student inspired by his interest around the Morris Worm, one of the first major malware attacks. In 1992, Gene published “Tripwire” software as an academic source release designed to detect when changes occur to files and help with recovery. It rapidly became one of the most widely-used intrusion detection tools for UNIX. This Innovation became widely known as FIM. With support from corporate, education, and government security professionals, Gene founded Tripwire, Inc. in 1997 to bring FIM to the commercial market.

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Learn why the world’s leading organizations choose Tripwire solutions to against the most damaging cyber attacks.