iSIGHT Partners Joins Tripwire Adaptive Threat Protection Program

Tools and intelligence enable customers to detect and respond to increasingly advanced threats

PORTLAND, Ore. — April 8, 2015 — Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of advanced threat, security and compliance solutions, today announced that iSIGHT Partners, Inc., a leading provider of cyber threat intelligence for global enterprises, has joined its Adaptive Threat Protection program. The combination of Tripwire’s trusted endpoint solution and iSIGHT Partners high-fidelity ThreatScape® intelligence enables customers to detect and respond to advanced threats faster than ever.

Tripwire Enterprise employs the ThreatScape API to automatically download indicators of compromise (IoCs) from ThreatScape Cloud, while rapidly searching and identifying compromised systems across thousands of endpoints and servers. The partnership provides joint customers with the tools and comprehensive intelligence required to:

  • Rapidly detect advanced and zero-day threats across complex enterprise networks.
  • Quickly contextualize and prioritize alerts based on business risk.
  • Immediately identify compromised assets, including ferreting out assets that have been compromised by other methods employed by same actor or campaign.
  • Definitively detect anomalous system and file changes using proven Tripwire change detection technology.
  • Optionally automate the adjustment of configuration settings to harden assets against specific threats.

“iSIGHT Partners links IoCs with rich contextual intelligence about the motives, methods, targets and tactics employed by advanced threat actors,” said Rekha Shenoy, vice president of business and corporate development for Tripwire. “iSIGHT’s intelligence in combination with Tripwire Enterprise solutions makes it possible for security teams to rapidly detect advanced threats and quickly uncover indicators associated with sophisticated threat actors, who typically employ multiple methods to maintain a presence on customer networks.”

With more than 250 experts around the globe, iSIGHT monitors the global threat landscape, gathering proactive intelligence on hacktivist, cyber criminals, cyber espionage actors and threats to critical infrastructure. Over the past decade, iSIGHT has amassed the most compressive database of “finished” intelligence available in the market. Its team of experts continues to monitor threats around the clock and produce actionable intelligence daily.

By connecting Tripwire’s trusted endpoint intelligence with iSIGHT’s global threat intelligence, users gain immediate situational awareness. By understanding what they are dealing with, security teams are able to make informed prioritization decisions and respond with precision to both known and unknown cyberthreats.

“We continue to see threats that persistently target government and commercial enterprises for monetary gain, decision advantage, theft of intellectual property and making political statements,” said Matt Hartley, vice president of product management at iSIGHT Partners. “While global threats continue to be successful against traditional security platforms, the combination of genuine cyberthreat intelligence with an enterprise class detection and remediation system puts security teams back in the driver’s seat.”

About iSIGHT Partners

iSIGHT Partners is the leading global provider of cyber threat intelligence. With 200+ experts in 16 countries and expertise in 24 languages, only iSIGHT can deliver the full context and intent of the most damaging threats, allowing security organizations to respond faster, defend proactively, and invest smarter. Find iSIGHT Partners on the web at or email us at

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