Tripwire ExpertOps

Instant Expertise with Managed Cybersecurity

Tripwire® ExpertOps℠ is a managed cybersecurity service that equips you with the advice and support needed to protect your data from cyberattacks while maintaining regulatory compliance. Drive security with the industry's best integrity management capabilities.

Expert-Managed Cybersecurity

Organizations are facing a multitude of challenges, including:

  • Too many tools to manage with limited resources
  • Countless vulnerabilities and limited insights
  • Numerous security compliance requirements

This often results in understaffed and overwhelmed security teams which leads to increased outsourcing. The good news is Tripwire ExpertOps is here to help. Organizations​ can ​achieve and maintain compliance and security through a managed services model of the industry’s best file integrity monitoring (FIM), security configuration management (SCM), and vulnerability management (VM) capabilities.


Tripwire ExpertOps Features

Extend Your Staff With Experienced Security Professionals

Managed FIM, SCM, and VM Security Controls

Get the maximum security benefits of industry-leading File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) and Security Configuration Management (SCM) right away with Tripwire ExpertOps. Quickly achieve and ensure cyber integrity across large heterogeneous environments instead of sinking time and resources into training and administering another tool.  

Tripwire ExpertOps can also help build a mature vulnerability management program throughout your organization. Tripwire’s VM service adds leading-edge Tripwire experts and vulnerability management tools to your security team. Tripwire’s Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT) is continually tracking down new vulnerabilities, which are combined with granular risk scoring so you can properly prioritize your remediation efforts. 

Find the Right Fit for Your Organization

Tripwire ExpertOps managed services are personalized to your specific organization's requirements to ensure you get the maximum support needed to protect your organization from cyberattacks. To discover which level of coverage might be best for you, request a quote today.

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Tripwire ExpertOps Benefits


Includes software, expert level management, and a reliable environment in a single subscription. 


Get tailored advice, incident assistance, and audit support to improve your security posture. 


Spend less time managing tools and more time protecting your organization. 


Track progress towards your security and compliance goals. 

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