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Active Support

Officially supported by Tripwire as outlined in our support agreements, has no plans to transition to Extended Support at this time. Tripwire will continue to provide bug fixes and updates for Minor Releases of the software.

End of Support

Not supported by Tripwire as outlined in our support agreements. No bug fixes or support will be provided and additional minor releases will not be addressed.

Extended Support

Officially supported by Tripwire as outlined in our support agreements, has a planned "End Of Support" timeline. Critical bug fixes may be addressed but additional minor releases of the software will not be added.

No Support

Product versions that are no longer supported will not appear on the individual product pages on the Tripwire Customer Support Web site. Information for unsupported releases may not be available in our knowledge database. Information on any available upgrades to new product versions that are supported may be obtained from your Tripwire account representative.

Extension of Support Periods

In some cases, Tripwire may choose to extend its support of certain product lines beyond the dates specified in this document. Extensions may be contractually negotiated at the sole discretion of Tripwire.


Additional Information

Additional information regarding the availability and support periods of certain product lines can be obtained from Tripwire Customer Support representatives. To find the contact information for the Tripwire office closest to you, visit the Contact Tripwire page:

Please note that notification email messages and associated documentation are currently provided only in English.


Monitoring/Collection Platforms

The table below lists the point at which Tripwire will end support for Axon Agent software on specified operating systems. The end of Axon Agent support corresponds to a specific point in each operating system’s lifecycle.


Platform End of Tripwire Axon Agent Support 
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux

End of Maintenance Support 2 (Product retirement)



End of Maintenance Support 2 (Product retirement)

(CentOS follows the Red Hat support model)

 Oracle Enterprise Linux

End of Extended Support



End of the Long Term Support lifespan (5 years)



End of Life date provided by Debian



End of General Support



End of Extended Support




Version: AXPSL05132019