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Tripwire is proud to be part of Fortra's comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio. Fortra simplifies today's complex cybersecurity landscape by bringing complementary products together to solve problems in innovative ways. These integrated, scalable solutions address the fast-changing challenges you face in safeguarding your organization. With the help of the powerful protection from Tripwire and others, Fortra is your relentless ally, here for you every step of the way throughout your cybersecurity journey.


Industry-leading cybersecurity and compliance tools built to defend your whole organization — from IT to OT and everything in between. 



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Know Everything

The industry’s most respected file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution pairs with security configuration management (SCM) to provide real-time change intelligence and threat detection. Tripwire alerts you to unplanned changes and automates remediation to proactively harden your systems and reduce your attack surface. Detect, prioritize, and neutralize threats with Tripwire vulnerability management (VM).


Stay in Compliance

Audits don’t need to be painful. Tripwire solutions automate the enforcement of regulatory compliance policies (the largest policy library in the industry), even custom-made policies created just for you. With continuous—rather than point-in-time—compliance, you can stay audit-ready all the time.

Protect Anywhere

You can now apply the same stringent cybersecurity controls to your OT environment that you may have traditionally thought of as IT processes. Organizations with both IT and OT assets to monitor can do so using the integration between Tripwire® Enterprise and asset discovery and inventory solutions. Using these two advanced technologies together bridges the cybersecurity gap common in industrial organization.



Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire Enterprise pairs the industry’s most respected FIM with security configuration management (SCM) to provide real-time change intelligence and threat detection. For the compliance officer, it delivers proactive system hardening and automated compliance enforcement — resulting in a reduction of audit cycles and cost.

  • Real-time change detection
  • Automated compliance
  • Extensive integrations

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Tripwire Enterprise Asset View

The Tripwire name is trusted in the industry and has never given reason to doubt it. Continued development and listening to customers only strengthens this fact.

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