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White Paper:

Adjusting to the Reality of Risk Management Framework

The Risk Management Framework (RMF) is an approach to systems security management that adjusts security controls based on risk factors. The practice involves a continuous cycle of identifying new threats, choosing effective controls, measuring their effectiveness and improving system security.

Case Study:

State of Minnesota

Since 2007, The State of Minnesota’s Office of Enterprise Technology has worked to develop a comprehensive enterprise security program that protects the privacy, integrity, availability, and security of the citizens’ information.

Solution Brief:

PSN Code of Connection – GPG13

UK Public Sector organizations are mandated to comply with certain regulations and standards before connecting to the Government’s Secure Extranet. CESG (the Information Security arm of GCHQ), and the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance documented 35 Good Practice Guides to help public sector organizations manage risk.

Case Study:

Connectria Hosting

Connectria Hosting is a global managed and cloud hosting provider that supports the industry‘s widest range of technologies. With a strong customer focus in healthcare, Connectria Hosting was looking for a security vendor to partner with to provide a top tiered solution to their customers that focused on HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance.

Solution Brief:

Tripwire Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations hold patient data that's extremely valuable on the black market, making them prime targets for cybercriminals. The advent of Internet-connected medical devices has done nothing but increase the attack surface of these organizations, while at the same time they struggle to comply with a multitude of changing regulations.

Solution Brief:

Security and Compliance for Healthcare Exchanges: Addressing MARS-E 2.0

Medical organizations, insurance companies and state healthcare agencies have seen a dramatic increase in breaches—the top 2015 breaches involved insurance companies, a medical facility and a state agency. This is due to the rich information contained in medical records—information that can be used for profitable health care fraud as well as all the traditional scams that stolen data can power.

White Paper:

The Tripwire HIPAA Solution: Meeting the Security Standards Set Forth in Section 164

HIPAA requires businesses that handle personal health information (PHI) to set up strong controls to ensure the security and integrity of that information. Learn how Tripwire Enterprise helps meet the detailed technical requirements of HIPAA and delivers continuous compliance.

Case Study:

Case Study: Fortune 100 Financial Company Finds Worry-Free Change Control in Tripwire ExpertOps

This Fortune 100 organization is a leading provider of financial services, and they chose Tripwire ExpertOps SCM as a managed security service in order to maintain robust change control. Read the full case study.


Are Financial Services IT Pros Overconfident in Data Breach Detection Skills?

Tripwire studied confidence vs. knowledge of financial services IT security pros on seven key security controls necessary to detect a data breach. For many controls IT pros believed they had the information necessary to detect a breach quickly but provided contradictory information about the specific data.

Case Study:

Major Banking Institution Case Study

Hear how one multinational banking institution uses Tripwire® Enterprise and Tripwire IP360™ to secure their hybrid cloud environment.

Solution Brief:

Cybersecurity Threats to the Financial Sector

For any bank to succeed, building customer trust is paramount. Threat actors’ cyberattack strategies are becoming increasingly innovative, putting urgent pressure on banks to protect their data or make the headlines when the next big breach takes place.

Case Study:


With over 29 million devices and terminals deployed across more than 150 countries, Verifone’s clients include some of the world’s best- known retail brands, financial institutions and payment providers.