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Tripwire Enterprise and ServiceNow

If you’re looking to improve the visibility into your organization’s security and compliance status, the integration between Tripwire® Enterprise and ServiceNow creates a workflow for the smooth exchange of system change and security configuration state information with a wide variety of compliance, operations and reporting/analytics solutions.


Are You Prepared for the Latest Cyber Attack: WannaCry?

WannaCry is ransomware targeting Microsoft Windows systems. In just one week, it infected millions of computers in 150 countries. The ransom payment system demands are made through Bitcoin and are supported in 28 languages suggesting the significant global target. Once on your system it is very difficult to decrypt your files. It is best to preempt this threat! 


Tripwire Enterprise with FireEye and iSight

Get a quick demonstration of the integration between Tripwire Enterprise and FireEye Malware Analysis AX and iSight Intelligence, using Tripwire Threat Intelligence Integration.

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Tripwire Log Center: Quick Start Services

Tripwire's Quick Start implementations are ideal for new customers with smaller implementations or for larger customers who want to jump-start a larger project with our professional guidance. Quick Start packages reduce your time to value and quickly implement the core capabilities of the latest version of Tripwire Log Center.


Tripwire Log Center: System Requirements 

Learn the proper sizing guidelines and system requirements for deploying Tripwire Log Center in your environment.


Avoiding Cyberspace Pitfalls with Threat Intelligence

Federal agencies are faced with protecting high-value data and defending against sophisticated cyberattacks. This Signal Magazine editorial discusses network analysis tools that help give agencies an edge in the fight to protect their assets.

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Tripwire Enterprise: Filling in the Gaps of HBSS

On the surface, the concept of the HBSS product suite is good: a set of pre-selected security solutions sold as an affordable package to protect the U.S. Department of Defense information systems and networks. Yet the solutions that the DoD can choose from leave gaps in security coverage. Learn how Tripwire® Enterprise helps fill those gaps.

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Implementing FISMA SI-7: Tackle this Challenging Control to Improve Your FISMA Grade

To enhance your FISMA compliance grade, you must implement one of the most challenging controls in NIST SP800-53: SI-7, which requires organizations to employ automated and centrally-managed integrity verification tools to detect unauthorized change. This level of visibility can be difficult enough to achieve, but SI-7 also requires organizations to incorporate the unauthorized changes they find into their incident response process and be ready to pass an audit trial demonstrating these capabilities.

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Achieving FISMA Compliance: Continuous Monitoring Using Configuration Control and Log Management

Obtaining compliance with FISMA can be daunting, including many complex guidelines and procedures that federal agencies and organizations working with the US government must follow.

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Automating FISMA Compliance

See how applying Tripwire’s Security Configuration Management solution can accelerate your FISMA compliance activities.


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Detect and Defend Against Cyber Attacks on the Power Grid

The attack on the Ukrainian power grid on Christmas Eve 2015 was a huge wake up call for the energy industry. Attackers overwrote firmware on critical devices at 16 substations, leaving them unresponsive to any remote commands from operators. As a result of those attacks, 80,000 customers went without electricity for six hours, and workers had to control the breakers manually. 

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Achieve and Maintain Compliance with the Smart Energy Code: Protecting the UK's Energy Infrastructure with Tripwire

While the UK’s energy supply is becoming more connected, the march toward progress also introduces new risks that need to be addressed. The Smart Energy Code (SEC) defines the rights and obligations of energy suppliers, network operators and other relevant parties involved in the end-to-end management of smart metering in Great Britain.