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Solution Brief:

Using Tripwire ExpertOps: 
The Turnkey System Integrity Solution

Tripwire® ExpertOps combines managed services with the industry’s best File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) and Security Configuration Management (SCM). The solution provides personalized consulting and cloud-based infrastructure to help you focus on detecting breaches and staying in compliance.


Tripwire Enterprise with FireEye and iSight

Get a quick demonstration of the integration between Tripwire Enterprise and FireEye Malware Analysis AX and iSight Intelligence, using Tripwire Threat Intelligence Integration.

White Paper:

Five Critical Steps of a Complete Security Risk and Compliance Lifecycle

Maintaining security and compliance in today’s ever changing environment is a never ending task. To manage that task, the most successful companies adopt a systematic approach that promotes continuous improvement.


White Paper:

Securing the Entire Container Stack, Lifecycle and Pipeline

Ensure that security is implemented at each stage of the container pipeline.

White Paper:

Security Execs, It's Time We Had the Integrity Talk

Given the challenges facing those responsible for securing enterprise computing environments, there is no better time to have the integrity talk.

Solution Brief:

10 Ways Tripwire Outperforms Other Cybersecurity Solutions

From experience and technical innovation to security expertise, Tripwire stands out from the competition.

White Paper:

Six Security Controls to Prevent Your Cloud from Getting Hacked

Best Practices for Defending Against Cyberthreats in the Cloud

Solution Brief:

Tripwire Foundational Controls for the Hybrid Cloud

Organizations continue to be attracted by the financial and technological benefits of cloud computing, and there has been a significant acceleration in its adoption in recent years. However, assets and data deployed in the cloud are not secure by default—which means that as you move into the cloud, you need to ensure the same level of security, compliance and operational controls there as you do for your on-premises assets.

Download this Executive Brief to learn how Tripwire's foundational controls enable effective and efficient security, compliance and IT operations across physical, virtual, private and public cloud hybrid environments.


Industrial Cyber Security For Dummies

Your go-to guide for getting started with industrial cyber security, this Special Belden/Tripwire Edition e-book is packed with security insights specific to industrial control systems and operations environments – you'll have smart answers when brainless questions come up.


Tripwire Enterprise and Chef

Learn more about automated deployment for DevOps environments with Tripwire Enterprise and Chef.


Tripwire Purecloud Enterprise


Cybercrime Controls for Tripwire Enterprise

Cybercrime Controls for Tripwire® Enterprise combine key configuration hardening standards with a collection of Tripwire-developed breach detection rules into a free, easy-to-install package. Take advantage of Tripwire's expertise in security content to immediately protect a variety of server operating systems against the most common server attacks.