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Tripwire's End-user License Agreements

  • TW1135-06: For Product versions Tripwire Enterprise 8.6.0, Tripwire Log Center 7.2.6, Tripwire Connect 3.5.1 and later, Tripwire IP360 9.0, Tripwire CCM 5.17.6, Tripwire Security Intelligence Hub, or later.
  • TW1135-05: For Product versions Tripwire Enterprise 8.5.5, Tripwire Connect 3.5.0, Tripwire IP360 8.1.2, Tripwire Log Center 7.2.5, Tripwire CCM 5.17.5, Tripwire Security Intelligence Hub 2.7.3, Tripwire for Servers 4.8