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Lessons from Gemalto's 2018 Breach Report

Cybersecurity Trend Insights from Tripwire Experts


Lessons From Gemalto's 2018 Breach ReportBreach data from the first half of 2018 shows us where cybercrime trends are headed, with several major departures from 2017’s stats. Gemalto’s H1 2018 Breach Level Index Report analyzes the data behind 944 breach incidents (that’s more than 3.5 billion breached records). The breach data is categorized by risk score, geography, industry, and more.

In this white paper, Tripwire cybersecurity experts offer actionable steps to help you avoid the same fate as the organizations behind the four most “catastrophic” breaches that occurred in H1. You’ll learn:

  • Who the biggest threat actors currently are, and what types of data they’re after
  • A look at four of the most high-profile breaches in government, retail and social media
  • How Tripwire solutions help large organizations prevent these exact types of breaches
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