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Combating the Insider Threat


Infosec student proposes a strategy for countering malicious insiders.

The Next Generation's Perspective on Combating Insider ThreatInsider threats are more prevalent than many of us realize. According to IBM, 60 percent of all digital attacks involve the misuse of insider access. Similarly, an Accenture survey revealed that two-thirds of major corporations reported insider threat incidents in 2016.

Organizations need to defend their networks against malicious employees regardless of their motivations for turning on their employers. There are many strategies which companies can use to achieve this end. But none of them are "silver bullets." Organizations must instead embrace a comprehensive approach that brings many of these tactics together.

To help organizations defend against insider threats, a student of information security and technology policy proposes a strategy that consists of both user activity monitoring and key IT security solutions. He illustrates how those two components are essential for laying the foundation to a robust insider threat prevention program.

Download this whitepaper to understand:

  • Common types of suspicious indicators for which security teams should monitor, both online and offline
  • How security controls like access control and encryption can prevent malicious insiders from misusing corporate data
  • Recommendations for strengthening the workplace security culture

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