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Tripwire Whitelist Profiler

  • Report on more than just discrepancies and gaps
  • Continuous monitoring is difficult to achieve
  • Managing device-specific policies
  • Limited default reporting
  • Define a set of required/permitted system settings – whitelist
  • Settings that match the whitelist are enumerated
  • Settings that don’t match the whitelist are flagged
  • Supported scenarios include enabled network ports, running OS services, installed software, and active user accounts. How does it work?
    • The agent scans the local system to harvest information and organizes it into a list
    • Each item in the list is compared against the appropriate whitelist and builds a report based on the results
    • If a match is found, the report will include software package name/version and fields associated with the entry in the whitelist
    • If no match is found, the report will include an exception and an alert will show up in the Tripwire® Enterprise dashboard
  • Report on approved as well as unauthorized system settings regardless of type
  • Include the justification for a given setting in the same report to speed up the auditing process
  • Verify only approved users exist on systems
Tripwire Whitelist Profiler
Report on approved as well as unauthorized system settings, regardless of type, using Tripwire Whitelist Profiler
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