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Rockwell Automation and Tripwire Data Collector for ICS

A Hybrid “No-Touch” Approach to Industrial Control System (ICS) Security


Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager for Industrial Control SystemsIndustrial automation and process control systems largely run our world. However, cyber risks to industrial control systems are on the rise and protecting highly specialized ICS plant environments can be very challenging for industrial businesses and critical infrastructure. 

As a new Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner, Tripwire uses patented agentless technology ideally suited to a “no-touch” approach to ICS security.   Tripwire CCM also tracks ICS-CERT security advisories, Rockwell Automation vendor alerts and more.  Plus it has known and validated best practices and industrial standards templates built in and “out of the box.”

Download the data sheet to learn how Tripwire and Rockwell Automation can give ICS automation and process control engineers assurance that production will be predictably available and undisrupted.

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