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Tripwire Solutions for Industrial Control Systems



Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager for Industrial Control SystemsIndustrial automation and process control systems largely run our world. However, cyber risks to industrial control systems (ICS) are on the rise and protecting highly specialized ICS plant environments can be very challenging for industrial businesses and critical infrastructure.

Securing industrial systems demands a multi-pronged, strategic approach made up of solutions built to communicate within ICS OT environments. Tripwire uses an integrated approach to security, using both passive and active technologies tailored specifically for ICS, that starts by increasing visibility into OT environments.

  • Increase plant resilience
  • Lower cost of security
  • Use built-in templates and guidance
  • Stay on top with alerts and advisories

Download this solution brief to learn how Tripwire can give ICS automation and process control engineers assurance that production will be predictable, available and free from disruptions.

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