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Actionable Reporting Made Simple with
Tripwire Connect

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Rapidly detect problems, mitigate risks, and track security progress across the enterprise.

enterprise level visibility

Consolidated reporting on over 100,000 nodes across multiple Tripwire Enterprise consoles.

accurate data, right audience

Reports based on business context ensure accurate information at the appropriate level.

at the speed of change

Information is always up-to-date, driving interactive dashboards and reports.

quick and easy deployment

Deployed as a virtual appliance for easy installation and management.

Extend the Power of Tripwire Enterprise

Security professionals at all levels require a foundational level of security and to demonstrate how it protects the organization’s assets, services and business initiatives.  The solution is Tripwire Connect, the visualization and reporting platform purpose-built for Tripwire Enterprise.

Incremental data transmissions of all Tripwire Enterprise data sources enables near-real time reporting. Transferring only the “delta” change data reduces network bandwidth and speeds analysis.  Consolidate information across all Tripwire Enterprise consoles in the organization.

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Gain a Centralized View of Your Enterprise

Tripwire Connect uncovers information and insights that reside in your IT infrastructure.  It then represents these insights with summaries and trending information. This prioritized view provides the actionable reporting needed to adjust your configuration, compliance and security controls to reduce overall cyber risk. Tripwire Connect dashboards allow users to select criteria and search through data that might be lost in static flat reporting.

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Audience-Specific Reporting

Tripwire Connect provides tailored reports to support individual security, configuration and compliance needs. Enterprises can use this data to measure and track improvements over time. Customizable report templates provide at-a-glance information on the status of the enterprise's cyber threat status and on-going initiatives. Innovative companies rely on Tripwire Connect to help them grow quickly, without compromising security.

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Tripwire Tripwire Connect Tripwire Connect Screenshot Tripwire Connect Screenshot Tripwire Connect Screenshot Combine security data in real-time to gain visibility into your security posture. Understand risk, policy scoring and trends with Tripwire Connect.

Need Help Implementing Tripwire Connect?

Contact one of our product experts to learn more about how Tripwire Connect is the enterprise reporting tool you need to reduce your attack surface and make your organization more resilient.