Tripwire Enterprise Demo: Improving Your Compliance Program

Security Configuration Management with Tripwire Enterprise


Tripwire Enterprise ScreenshotCompliance frameworks are notoriously dense and complex, making them difficult to put into action. Compliance is also time-consuming—especially if you’re still attempting manual configuration of your systems, applications, databases and cloud assets. Manual configuration is error-prone and immediately out of date the moment an assessment ends. And a lack of compliance can result in failing audits, incurring fines and leaving your data vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Tripwire Enterprise evaluates your systems to ensure compliance with security standards like PCI, NIST, CIS and ISO. It works with over 800 policy and platform combinations and allows you to create new policy content based on your organizational standards. Clear and understandable dashboarding provides visualization for compliance stakeholders. Watch this video for a demonstration of fast, accurate SCM in action with Tripwire Enterprise:

  • Detailed asset configuration baseline
  • Compliance dashboard showing high-level results and trends
  • Drilled-down view into noncompliant assets
  • Step-by-step remediation instructions
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