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Tripwire Axon Agent Platform Support

Tripwire Axon® is a foundational agent technology and platform that enables flexible data collection and resilient communication across a broad range of devices, cloud and virtualized assets.


Tripwire AxonIt’s the extensible next generation endpoint data collection and communication platform that delivers uninterrupted visibility, a resilient architecture and improved responsiveness—while augmenting and leveraging industry-leading technology and content for security, compliance and IT operations.

Key benefits of the Tripwire Axon agent:

  • Unparalleled Visibility – Flexible, high-fidelity data capture capabilities across a wide variety of endpoint types eliminates security blind spots.
  • Lightweight and efficient – Natively compiled, lean, compact agents work with a wide variety of common enterprise operating systems. The agents consume fewer network and device resources and dramatically reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Modular – Agents are modular and designed to offer comprehensive and customer-selectable data collection functionality, catering to the environment and threat profile.
  • Resilient and secure – Continues to collect data even after OS changes, network changes and outages, providing uninterrupted online and offline visibility for every endpoint, even on highly secure, air-gapped or remote networks.
  • Extensible and Scalable – Designed to adapt quickly to new business demands, including emerging platforms, services and applications.
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