File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Buyer's Guide

Develop a comprehensive criteria list for selecting the proper FIM solution for your organization.


Tripwire FIM ScreenshotThere’s a lot more to file integrity monitoring than detecting change. Although FIM is a common policy requirement, you have lots of FIM capabilities and processes you can elect to implement. These decisions directly affect the value will receive from your FIM system. These can vary from a simple “checkbox” compliance tool to building an effective security and operational control.

This eleven-page Buyer’s Guide includes sections on:

  • What is File Integrity Monitoring?
  • What Should be Monitored?
  • A Checklist of Product Requirements
  • Operational & Security Requirements
  • Integration & Reporting Requirements

Complete the form to gain insight into the type of FIM solution that would be best suited for your organization’s needs.

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