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Tripwire File Integrity Monitoring

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A new breed of file integrity monitoring. Only Tripwire's FIM solution has ChangeIQ — built-in change intelligence.


Tripwire® File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) has the unique, built-in capability to reduce noise by providing multiple ways of determining low-risk change from high-risk change as part of assessing, prioritizing and reconciling detected change.


Tripwire FIM gives you the ability to rapidly respond and remove potential human error by integrating with change processes and ticketing systems.

Business Context

Flexible deployment meets business needs, such as policy and audit compliance requirements. Use executive dashboards to show your compliance state across different policies, business units and specific audit-readiness.

Tripwire Enterprise File Integrity Manager


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Leveraging the Power of File Integrity Monitoring

Meeting the True Intent of File Integrity Monitoring

Assure system integrity through monitoring change and detection of anomalies.

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Tripwire provides the most complete and comprehensive file integrity solution in the world. Tripwire File Integrity Monitoring is available as a standalone solution or as part of Tripwire’s Security Configuration Management suite. With Tripwire, you have continual assurance of the integrity of security configurations and complete visibility and control of all change for your continuous monitoring, change audit and compliance demands.

Features & Benefits

Create Focus

ChangeIQ is a unique capability that helps IT Security teams focus on changes that matter. Save time and resources with a solution that is intuitive and responsive.

Real-time Intel

Get real-time detection of anomalies, change and threat indicators. Address trouble spots quickly. We deliver the intelligence you need fast, so you can limit damage.

Deeper Insights

Agent-based deployment gives deeper insight into system security configuration and change. Reduce the guesswork from what happened, when and by whom. Get results you can depend on.

Smart Integration

We deliver change ticketing integration with systems such as BMC Remedy. Save time by automating the reconciliation of detected changes and validate that the planned changes have actually occurred.

Tripwire File Integrity Monitoring

Change detection systems can generate massive amounts of data. What sets Tripwire apart is its ability to add intelligence to the change data to make it intelligible and actionable.


File Integrity Monitoring

Our experience using it has proven Tripwire VIA to be the right choice. It's a powerful tool. There are so many possibilities and so much it can do. We want to take full advantage of it.


With Tripwire, we achieved more security and compliance without taxing our resources. We're now looking at other areas in our system where we can put the change management capabilities in Tripwire Enterprise to use. I'm sure the list will be long.

Justin Webb, Information Security Officer, Marquette University