Tripwire State Analyzer

Centralized Allowlisting for Superior Configuration Security

Stay audit-ready with automated change monitoring against centralized allow lists and detailed reporting.

Automated Validation


Automate the validation of detected system configurations against your allowlist configurations.

Customized Reporting


Generate detailed system configuration reports customized to your particular authorization settings.

Faster Compliance Audits

Reporting provides an automatic audit trail for faster auditing for PCI, NIST, NERC CIP, and more.

Multi-Console Data, One View


View data from multiple consoles in one place and drill down to the node level.

Tripwire State Analyzer screen shot

What Does Tripwire State Analyzer Do?

System changes occur every second in the typical environment, and monitoring those changes is paramount to maintaining security and staying compliant. Tripwire® State Analyzer eases this burden with centralized allow listing of authorized network ports, installed software, running services, and more—automatically validating detected system configurations and reporting on its findings. These reports contain the audit justifications for detected configurations, creating a clear audit trail while alerting you to unauthorized system changes that could indicate a potential compromise or security risk. Most importantly, Tripwire State Analyzer is scalable, flexible, and easy to maintain.

Seamless Integrations

Tripwire State Analyzer works in tandem with Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360TM to monitor changes in the use of ports, routes, software, and other mandatory configuration settings. Its integration with FoxGuard streamlines the process of software and patch validation. Selecting and deploying patches is only part of the overall process for patch management. In regulated environments, patching is an auditable control that requires validation. The integration of FoxGuard and Tripwire equips organizations with a full process—from patch selection and deployment through to validation and auditing.
Tripwire State Analyzer reporting sample
Tripwire State Analyzer services screen

PCI DSS and NERC CIP Compliance

Passing audits doesn’t have to be arduous. Tripwire Enterprise automates compliance evidence for you, saving you time and budget on preparation with audit-ready reporting. It supports the industry’s broadest library of over 800 policy and platform combinations for regulations like PCI, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, ISO and NERC.

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