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Tripwire Connect: Actionable Reporting and Analytics Made Simple

Maximize the power of your Tripwire installation 

Rich, visual analytics and reports help security teams translate their tools’ data into the strategic remediation activities that best reduce cyber risk. While Tripwire provides you with an abundance of invaluable security and compliance data, Tripwire® Connect 4.6 extends the value of that data even further by combining information from multiple sources and presenting it in a unified way.

Tripwire Connect is a highly customizable analytics, reporting, integration and management platform for Tripwire Enterprise, Tripwire IP360™ and Tripwire Configuration Manager that can be deployed and scaled according to your organization’s needs.

Clear, Actionable Reports and Dashboards

Dashboards provide clear, actionable insights so you can address the most urgent concerns first. Incremental transmission for all data in Tripwire Enterprise enables real time reporting, and the ability to aggregate deltas of change data reduces network bandwidth and speeds analysis. In addition, high demand data fields bolster compliance and file integrity reports.

Reporting details include:
  • Vulnerability reports and scores, including remediation guidance
  • Security Configuration Management (SCM)/File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) reports and scores with Tripwire Enterprise element content
  • Application inventory
  • Historical and trend data 
  • Assets out of compliance
  • Policy test failures
  • List of impacted assets and remediation options
  • List of assets scoped by tag on both SCM and Vulnerability Management (VM)
  • Correlated asset data from multiple sources

For a deeper look at reports, download the Tripwire Connect Report Catalog.

Customized Reports for Specific Audiences

Tripwire Connect provides audience specific reporting and analytics for security, configuration, and compliance stakeholders, enabling you to measure and track improvements over time. Customizable report templates provide at a glance information on the status of the enterprise’s state of cybersecurity health and ongoing initiatives.

Tripwire Connect reports address a range of enterprise audiences:
  • CEO/Board of Directors: Trending reports on your cyberthreat and policy compliance posture
  • CISO/CSO: Report on your current security posture including enterprise, business unit and department comparison reports
  • Policy Compliance Management: View updates on current compliance and IT security policies
  • IT Operations: Understand which critical assets are monitored by Tripwire Enterprise
  • IT Security: View and identify configuration drift and assets that are vulnerable due to missed patch updates

See Your SCM and VM Data Side by Side

Tripwire Connect consolidates data from multiple Tripwire consoles to present a unified picture of your security posture. By viewing your Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 data side by side, you can evaluate both the changes and the vulnerabilities discovered in your environment simultaneously.

Flexible Deployment

Tripwire Connect is available either on-prem or as a SaaS to match your deployment needs. Both versions provide the same functionality. Minimum and recommend requirements are provided below. Contact Tripwire for recommended resource allocations based on your environment.


Tripwire Connect is a highly-customizable analytics, reporting, integration and management platform for Tripwire products that can deploy and scale according to your organization’s needs. It maximizes the power of your Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 data, providing you multi-level, unified views of all your Tripwire data across the organization.

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