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Improve Cybersecurity Posture

Centralized, Holistic Reporting and Analytics 

Reducing risk, managing threats, and cybersecurity posture improvement are the key objectives of the modern agile enterprise. What keeps most CISOs up at night isn’t the growing number of vulnerabilities and changes occurring or concerns about being out of compliance. Rather, it’s whether those changes, vulnerabilities and compliance issues are visible and detectable by their cybersecurity platforms so that actions can be taken to address potential risks and threats before any real harm is done.

A Multidimensional Problem Requires Multidimensional Tools

There are four initial challenges that most CISOs face with the solutions they use:

1. Capturing all meaningful data

2. Representing that data in an efficient manner so that it can be consumed

3. Analyzing that data

4. Using this analysis to evaluate overall cybersecurity posture

Since cybersecurity is a multidimensional problem, it can almost never be addressed with a single product or by focusing on one area; most cybersecurity-aware enterprises have multiple products deployed. And as organizations grow, they often have assets on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments, which introduces additional layers of complexity. Security managers are faced with managing multiple consoles to address their cybersecurity risk across multiple types of deployments. This is not only ineffective, but also leads to lost productivity, wasted time, and increased threats due to silos. This gives rise to a fifth critical challenge that also needs to be addressed:

5. The need for a unified reporting and analytics platform 

The ability to view all relevant reporting and analytics in a unified platform provides managers with a horizontally-scaled, centralized view of their organization’s security data. The benefits of this include a holistic cross-product view analysis, exposure remediation and reporting, and actionable reporting, which help eliminate blind spots and undetected attacks that could threaten the organization.

When deploying Tripwire® Enterprise for security configuration management (SCM) and file integrity monitoring (FIM) and Tripwire IP360TM for vulnerability management (VM), organizations face the above challenges. CISOs are now demanding a scalable, flexible and centralized vision into the data collected by Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 that gives them a clear view into the security of their assets.

The solution is Tripwire Connect—the reporting, analytics and visualization platform purpose-built for Tripwire products. Tripwire Connect is a scalable and customizable platform that analyzes your data and provides you with a clear view of your vulnerabilities and risks. The actionable metrics and reports from Tripwire Connect help you take informed actions that can significantly lower your security risks, and potential financial loss resulting from a security breach.


The Tripwire Connect Platform

Tripwire Connect is a highly-customizable analytics, reporting, integration and management platform for Tripwire products that can deploy and scale according to your organization’s needs. Tripwire Connect is available for Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 customers, and tightly integrates with other Tripwire products as well, and will continue to evolve with the cybersecurity needs of the market. On-Prem or SaaS Deployment Organizations that have both on-prem and cloud deployments run into difficulties reporting across these two environments, meaning they miss out on crucial visibility in one or the other due to lack of a centralized data analytics and reporting tool. Available as either an on-premises or SaaS solution, Tripwire Connect puts you in the driver’s seat with clear, visually-rich reports that empower better cybersecurity decisions across both environments.

Be Informed About Your Cybersecurity Posture

Fig. 1 View and compare compliance and vulnerability trends side-by-side.

Tripwire Connect also gives you instant insights into your security posture, thanks to integrated data from multiple security tools displayed at once. By seeing your Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 data side-by-side, you can evaluate both the changes and the vulnerabilities occurring in your environment simultaneously. Risk is not just about vulnerabilities—it also encompasses compliance and change management.

Cybersecurity posture is about:
  • Vulnerability posture: Know what your vulnerabilities are and improve your vulnerability posture by prioritizing their resolution
  • Compliance posture: Gain quick access to data showing your compliance posture, ensuring that your organizing meets the standards of the policies that matter to you
  • Change posture: All breaches start with a change; use recent change information to recheck your vulnerability and compliance status

Whether you are a CISO or a security analyst, Tripwire Connect is designed to empower you with actionable data to help you make the decisions that ultimately improve your cybersecurity posture.

With Tripwire Connect, you will be able to answer these important questions:

  1. What is my cybersecurity posture at any given point in the day?
  2. How is my cybersecurity posture changing over time?
  3. Where am I most vulnerable?
  4. What are the most critical risks to prioritize and focus on now?

Dashboards: Representing Data that Matters Tripwire Connect is was designed from the ground up with user experience and ease of use in mind. The Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 dashboards provide quick, visually-rich and actionable insights to cybersecurity risks that enable you to address the most urgent and serious concerns.

Dashboard features include:

  • View of your VM/SCM/FIM data and scores
  • Daily changes in your VM/SCM/FIM scores
  • Detailed reports
  • Historical trend data
  • Preset filters

Scaling: Aggregate Multiple Consoles Across Your Deployments

As organizations grow, so do the number of their assets. Along with assets, security needs also grow in complexity and scope. Regardless of the size and complexity of your organization, Tripwire Connect will scale with your needs.

One current cybersecurity challenge is the constantly-evolving nature of the network. Whether you are using Tripwire products to monitor your on-prem, cloud, or hybrid assets, Tripwire Connect lets you combine all your reporting consoles for a holistic, unified view of your risk across all types of deployment environments.

Fig. 2 Tripwire Connect now includes a vulnerability matrix along with scoring.

Assessing Risk

The Risk Matrix is a powerful vulnerability prioritization and remediation tool. It allows you to quickly and intuitively identify and assess vulnerability risk in your environment. The Risk Matrix is designed to interactively provide more details around associated vulnerabilities, the corresponding risk, and its ease of exploitation. You can do a deep dive into the corresponding vulnerability if you choose to.

The Risk Matrix is currently available for following Tripwire IP360 report templates:
  • VM: Asset Details
  • VM: Vulnerability Inventory
  • VM: Vulnerability Management Summary

Centralized View: SCM and VM Data Side-by-Side

Rather than switching between consoles and extrapolating your insights from multiple security analytics and reporting dashboards, Tripwire Connect shows all the information you need in one place at once. It gives you a reconciled view of all assets monitored by Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360.

For example, if you use both Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360, Tripwire Connect allows you to view your SCM and VM security postures in a single, consolidated view rather than switching between multiple consoles.

Actionable Insights: Reporting and Analytics Reporting and analytics are paramount when it comes to making your cybersecurity data actionable. Without reporting, you can’t fully leverage your cybersecurity tools to discover and analyze threats—let alone remediate them. Additionally, data collected by your Tripwire products can be converted into actionable insights by using some key features of Tripwire Connect:

  • Risk prioritization: Prioritize vulnerabilities based on a proprietary risk score that is customized to your environment. Create risk metrics, minimize risk noise, and eliminate false positives
  • SCM/FIM/VM reports for assessment and remediation: Tripwire provides out-of-the-box report templates that are parameterized to easily select and filter the data that most interests you.
  • Key user-defined custom reports: Tripwire Connect allows you to create custom templates that you can use over and over again
  • Ad-Hoc Search: Customers familiar with the Splunk Processing Language (SPL) can perform searches against the Connect indexes for specific use cases
  • Asset Categorization: Customers can manage their reconciliation and tagging rules from a single UI/location for all data sources