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Upgrade Tripwire Enterprise with Tripwire Axon

Tripwire Axon™ is a foundational agent technology and platform that enables flexible data collection and resilient communication across a broad range of devices, cloud and virtualized assets. Tripwire Professional Services now offers an engagement tailored to accelerate your time to deployment and value, ensuring that your organization will benefit immediately from this groundbreaking new platform. Our consultants have expert knowledge of our technologies, and will bring your team up to speed with everything this solution has to offer.

Do you want to:
  • Monitor more endpoints?
  • Improve agent resiliency?
  • Eliminate data blind spots?
  • Minimize impact on endpoints and network?
  • Reach slower, inconsistent or secure networks?

Then it’s time to upgrade your installation and deploy Tripwire Axon! The Tripwire Axon platform redefines how endpoints communicate and collect data. With Tripwire Axon, Tripwire® Enterprise capabilities and value can now be extended to additional devices and across more networks than before.

Here is what we will do:
  • Tripwire Enterprise Console upgrade
    • Review existing Console state and configuration
    • Upgrade Tripwire Enterprise Console to version 8.5
  • Tripwire Axon agent implementation
    • Review features, install options port requirements, and differences with legacy Tripwire Enterprise agent
    • Configure system and environment for Tripwire Axon deployment
    • Migrate systems from legacy agent to Tripwire Axon agent
    • Review asset categorization methodology
  • Tripwire Enterprise configuration review
    • Review/Tune reporting and dashboards to ensure they are meeting business and compliance requirements
    • Review monitoring configuration
    • Review performance and system operation
    • Documentation of recommendations and next steps
  • Knowledge transfer and version overview
    • Hands on review and knowledge transfer around new product features



By working closely with our experts in Tripwire migrations, you are on the shortest path to a smooth upgrade and deployment. Our collaboration also ensures an efficient and smooth integration into the process and workflow of your organization—the benefits of upgrading your Tripwire Enterprise installation will materialize quickly.