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Tripwire Vulnerability Management Solutions Catalog


The Center for Internet Security (CIS) lists continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation as one of the top three components organizations must include in their cybersecurity programs. The vulnerability management (VM) guideline in the CIS Controls states that organizations must: “Continuously acquire, assess, and take action on new information in order to identify vulnerabilities, remediate, and minimize the window of opportunity for attackers.”

VM programs aren’t optional for organizations seeking to protect themselves from cyberthreats. However, an increasingly mobile enterprise with a proliferation of transient devices, coupled with the speed of today’s targeted attacks, has created new challenges for their implementation and management.

As your business grows, you need a VM solution that scales with you. And whether your infrastructure is on-prem, in the cloud, or a combination of both, your VM solution should adapt to the needs of your organization. This can prove especially challenging for organizations with an industrial footprint, as most traditional IT VM tools don’t translate well into the OT space. The cybersecurity skills gap poses yet another increasingly-common VM obstacle. When understaffed security teams face big responsibilities, managed services can pick up the slack and run your VM solutions for you.


The Five Essential Steps of VM

Scan & Detect: This task is performed by using vulnerability scanners to detect what on your network has any vulnerabilities. Sometimes agents are used to report back on the configuration of a particular asset in order to identify vulnerabilities. Tripwire VM offers flexibility around agent based or network-based scanning, as well as a purely passive mode for OT environments.

  • Assess: When vulnerabilities are detected, they are then assessed and assigned a risk score based on factors such as exploitability, vulnerability and age.
  • Prioritize: Vulnerabilities are prioritized based on their risk score.
  • Act: Based on priority, a security analyst takes the appropriate action to remediate highest-risk vulnerabilities first.
  • Interpret: Once the VM data is collected and analyzed, can be reviewed by the appropriate stakeholders via reports or dashboards.


Key Features of the Tripwire VM Platform

  • Passive to Active Scanning: Choose from agent-based or network-based identification, or deploy a combination of both methods
  • Proprietary Prioritization: Tripwire’s vulnerability prioritization technique is maintained based on decades of VM expertise by Tripwire VERT
  • Nonintrusive Scanning: Whether IT or OT, Tripwire will not bring down your network or assets
  • Managed Options: If your team wants some expert assistance, let Tripwire manage your VM solution for you
  • Flexible Deployment: Whether you are fully on-premises or migrating to the cloud, Tripwire VM works in all deployment scenarios
  • Centralized reporting: Tripwire Connect provides advanced reporting for your Tripwire VM solutions


The Tripwire VM Platform

The Tripwire VM platform is a broad and inclusive suite of solutions designed to fulfill your organization’s vulnerability assessment and management needs. Our VM platform includes solutions for on-prem, cloud and hybrid deployments from IT to OT.

Tripwire ICS Ecosystem

Tripwire IP360

Tripwire IP360 gives users complete visibility into their networks, both on-prem and in the cloud, including all devices and their associated operating systems, applications and vulnerabilities. The industry-leading Tripwire VERT (Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team) keeps Tripwire IP360 up to date with accurate, non-intrusive discovery signatures that are current and relevant to large organizations. This enables it to discover all networked hosts, applications and services to give you a comprehensive view of your network. Tripwire’s unique application-centric approach to vulnerability assessment searches for specific vulnerabilities based on operating systems, applications and services. This ensures that only the required signatures are run, limiting negative application interactions. Rather than providing a seemingly endless list of “high risk” vulnerabilities, Tripwire IP360 ranks vulnerabilities on a granular scale, making it crystal clear where your risk lies and allowing you to focus on actions that will most effectively reduce risk in your organization. Tripwire VERT objectively analyzes each vulnerability to see how easy it is to exploit, along with which privileges an attacker will gain upon successful exploitation.


Tripwire Industrial Visibility

Tripwire Industrial Visibility equips ICS operators with total clarity into the devices and activity on their network. It uses change management, event logging and threat modeling to help you keep your most sensitive assets out of intruders’ reach. The solution protects the core integrity and cyber resilience of your OT environment by using its sophisticated passive and active network detection capabilities to keep operations at peak safety, availability, performance and security. Tripwire Industrial Visibility gathers threat data to improve the safety and availability of your OT environment. It does this by analyzing network traffic and conducting protocol deconstruction to inventory assets, create network topologies, and more. It taps into OT network communication by listening through the SPAN port of routers and switches connected to the network segment, opening data packets and interpreting protocols without disrupting normal operations. Legacy OT networks can be sensitive to latency and bandwidth change—which is why Tripwire Industrial Visibility uses agentless monitoring and an integrated combination of passive and active asset discovery to leave your network undisturbed.


Tripwire ExpertOps

Tripwire ExpertOpsSM VM combines managed services with the industry’s best VM solution so you can focus your remediation efforts on the highest risks and the most critical assets. It provides both personalized consulting and cloud-based infrastructure and is easy to deploy and use, with simple subscription pricing and low total cost of ownership. Managed by experienced Tripwire engineers, Tripwire ExpertOps VM gives your organization highly-accurate and granular vulnerability assessment results to help you focus your remediation efforts on the highest risks on your most critical assets. The solution also adapts to your objectives: Reports and profiling tasks are customized to meet your organizational objectives and priorities. You will regularly receive expert guidance to ensure that your environment is secure and that critical vulnerabilities are remediated.


Tripwire for DevOps

Tripwire for DevOps gives DevOps teams a complete security assessment of new application builds as they move through the CI/CD pipeline. This provides a quality gate that teams can use to fail builds of applications based on customizable security, compliance, and configuration standards. It integrates seamlessly with DevOps teams’ existing toolchains, and provides straightforward results within the interfaces and scripts they already know. As a comprehensive security SaaS, it evaluates container images for vulnerabilities in a sandboxed cloud environment, and REST APIs facilitate custom integrations with other DevOps tools. One way to introduce Tripwire for DevOps to DevOps teams is as a CI/CD automation subsystem dedicated to security assessment. Tripwire for DevOps integrates into your existing toolchain and provides easy to understand results within the interfaces and scripts you already know. It’s a fully self-contained SaaS that that makes it easy and economical to add a layer of best practice foundation security to your applications before they’re deployed.


Tripwire Connect

Tripwire Connect is a highly-customizable analytics and reporting platform for Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 that can deploy and scale according to your organization’s needs. Dashboards provide clear, actionable insights so you can address the most urgent concerns first. Incremental transmission for all data in Tripwire Enterprise enables real-time reporting, and the ability to aggregate deltas of change data reduces network bandwidth and speeds analysis. Tripwire Connect is available either on-prem or as a SaaS. Tripwire Connect provides instant insights into your security posture thanks to integrated data from multiple security tools displayed at once. By seeing your Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 data side-by-side, you can evaluate both the changes and the vulnerabilities occurring in your environment simultaneously. Risks are not just about vulnerabilities—they are also an aspect of compliance and change management. Tripwire Connect is was designed from the ground up with user experience and ease of use in mind. The Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 dashboards provide quick, visually-rich and actionable insights to cybersecurity risks that enable you to address the most urgent and serious concerns.

Tripwire Connect Security Overview


Tripwire Connect Report Summary


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