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Beyond FIM: 10 More Tripwire Capabilities You Should Know


Tripwire is best known for being the progenitor of file integrity monitoring (FIM), a security control based on the idea that every cybersecurity breach and compliance misconfiguration, at its core, begins with one simple change. FIM is the process of detecting system changes and alerting on changes that represent increased security risk. It works hand in hand with security configuration management (SCM), which identifies misconfigurations by establishing a trusted system baseline.

FIM and SCM are a huge part of what Tripwire’s most well-known solutions do. But over the course of our 20+ year history, we’ve incrementally expanded our solutions portfolio to include much more. You can now look to Tripwire for cloud account configuration security, vulnerability management (VM), industrial visibility, and managed services—alongside sophisticated solutions for many other common and essential security and compliance needs. Download your copy to learn more today.