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Advanced Vulnerability Risk Scoring and Prioritization

Over the past several years, the number of known vulnerabilities has grown drastically, and has continued to challenge security and operations teams to keep pace with the continuing flow of new security advisories. One of the biggest problems is accurately determining which vulnerabilities present the greatest risk to prioritize remediation efforts. Most vulnerability management tools use crude...

Balancing Compliance with Security

There is a misunderstanding that if you are compliant, you are secure. This isn’t the case. For example, adhering to PCI DSS v4.0 will only allow you to tick the box to say you are PCI compliant in that moment. It gives you a snapshot in time of where you are in your compliance journey. But it won’t prevent your company from suffering a breach—along with incurring fines and reputational damages...

Blue Coat Technology Partner: Tripwire

Business Challenge Endpoint security has evolved over the last several years moving beyond simple AV protection to encompass new technologies such as application protection and privilege management, whitelisting, execution isolation and comprehensive visibility and controls. While the network and, in particular, the security proxy remain the primary control point in effective data security, the...

Bridging the IT/OT Cybersecurity Gap

With notable industrial cyber events on the rise, the 2020s are shaping up to be a challenging time for operational technology (OT) operators concerned with the safety, security, and compliance of their operational technology networks. To protect their OT environments, everyone from plant managers to CISOs is facing increased pressure to deploy effective cybersecurity solutions. However...

Tripwire Enterprise Integration Framework

Organizations have continually found new ways to unlock the value of Tripwire Enterprise, adding additional leverage to a valuable strategic business solution. And now you can extend Tripwire Enterprise to achieve better, faster and more cost-effective cyberthreat protection and compliance.

How Tripwire Helps Control Change

A standard enterprise IT environment is typically composed of widely disparate hardware from multiple vendors running a variety of operating systems and can be spread across multiple datacenters, worksites and the cloud. Because of this growing distribution of IT assets and ever-growing sensitivity of data assets, there is an increased need for adherence to industry standards, government...