Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Audits

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Organizations do all that they can to protect their critical cyber assets, but they don’t always systematically test their defenses.


Putting Your Defenses to the Test

Penetration tests—otherwise known as pen tests—are a type of ethical hacking used to regularly evaluate the security of a network. Our team of highly-skilled cybersecurity experts utilizes a combination of tactical and strategic approaches to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in your IT systems.

Tripwire’s pen testing services cover the following areas to ensure your critical assets are secure:

Network services and configuration

Web application

Wireless infrastructure

Client-side and internal infrastructure

Social engineering and physical security



Proprietary, Proven Tests

Typical security companies often blur the lines between penetration tests and vulnerability assessments. At Tripwire, our proprietary pen testing methodology is based on years of experience in areas such as network administration, integration engineering, and incident forensics and response. Our robust offering combines pen testing techniques with vulnerability assessment activities, configuration reviews, and architecture analysis to provide a more in-depth view of network and application interrelationships than other pen testing providers. In some cases, we even evaluate policies and host interactive discussions with client staff members.

Whether we are testing an application or network environment, Tripwire’s pen testing will not only identify vulnerabilities, but it will also demonstrate them through exploitation—definitively determining if unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible.

Tripwire’s penetration tests:

  • Gather information about the target before the test
  • Identify possible entry points and attempt to break in
  • Report the outcome through a detailed assessment

More Meaningful Results

In the hands of a senior pen tester, even limited penetration provides a more in-depth view of network and application interrelationships than what your internal staff may be aware of.  We use pen testing as a tool to delve deeper into the systems and networks that need to be assessed. If our engineers find a weakness, we conduct a thorough review—checking details that would otherwise not be visible during a routine vulnerability assessment.

We examine how:

  • Authentication and data traffic flows throughout the network, establishing the roles of various systems within the network
  • Different systems support the business functions of the organization, recognizing what is important to whom
  • Communication moves between a system and its users, giving us the vital information we need to design protective control mechanisms

By performing this thorough analysis, Tripwire can assign risk ratings to vulnerabilities, ensuring that our risk remediation recommendations are cost-effective and appropriate for their environment. You’ll receive a clear, actionable report with a detailed assessment of the security of your environment.

Tripwire is a leader in cybersecurity, providing industry-leading tools to help you secure your environment. With the addition of professional pen testing services, we can also help you validate that your security investment is paying off. Tripwire is proud to be your trusted vendor for both your cybersecurity product and services needs.

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