Get Foundational Security with the CIS Critical Security Controls

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Use CIS Controls to establish solid protection against the most common attacks. Use Tripwire to provide coverage for 14 of the top 20 Controls.

Know What You Have

Inventory all authorized and unauthorized assets (CSC 1 & 2)

Secure Your Assets

Maintain secure hardware and software configurations (CSC 3)

Manage Risk & Admin Access

Monitor vulnerability risk and control administrator privileges (CSC 4 & 5)

Identify Events of Interest

Collect and retain log data in a centralized repository (CSC 6)

The CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls

The CIS Controls are a prioritized list of actions aimed at reducing risk against real-world threats. The list of 20 control areas was initially created by an international consortium of agencies and security experts by analyzing actual incidents. It is regularly updated based on evolving global cybersecurity threats. Tripwire solutions address the top six controls, and can help with 14 of the top 20. Implementing these processes establishes a solid foundation upon which additional security and compliance controls can be layered.

Device and Software Inventory

Asset discovery is the foundation of any security program. As a defender, you can't protect what you don't know about. Attackers look for the exploitable systems to gain access into your network. Once in, they can attack other systems to further infiltrate your organization. Tripwire products provide an accurate inventory of what's on your network, allowing you to verify they are authorized devices with appropriate configurations, patches and user access controls.

Secure Configurations

Once you know what’s on your network, the next step is to make sure devices are configured securely. Incorrectly configured systems are one of the most common sources of security breaches. Reduce your attack surface with proactive configuration hardening from Tripwire. Use the system hardening guidelines prescribed in the CIS controls and supplement them with your specific compliance requirements. Tripwire supports 800 policy and platform combinations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Unpatched system vulnerabilities are a leading cause of security breaches, and another top six CIS control. But with tens of thousands of known vulnerabilities, how do you keep up? With Tripwire's vulnerability prioritization, vulnerabilities are scored between 0 and 50,000 based on impact, ease of exploit, and age. Combine asset value with the vulnerability score to determine an overall prioritization based your organization's business context and exposure.

Log Management

Device logs record all system activities and are often the key to early detection of a breach. They can also provide the forensic evidence needed to assess past attacks. Collecting and retaining logs is another top 6 security control. But managing the huge volume of log data generated by a typical organization can seem like an impossible task. Tripwire Log Center enables you to reliably collect, compress, normalize, store and search all log data from a central manager. Gain insight into relationships between suspicious events, system changes, weak configurations, and vulnerabilities. Use the correlation engine to automatically identify and respond to suspicious events.

Use Tripwire to Get Protection Against Common Attacks

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