Tripwire Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Controls

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Tripwire solutions extend seamlessly into the cloud and maintain unified security management across all your compute environments.

Leverage Existing Tools

Use the same Tripwire solutions to protect on-prem and in the cloud.

Secure Cloud Configurations

Ensure AWS, Azure & GCP cloud accounts and storage are correctly configured.

Add Security to DevOps

Integrate Tripwire into your DevOps toolchain to identify problems before they reach production.

Monitor Elastic Assets

Maintain consistent security controls even as assets are dynamically created and destroyed.

Unified Security Controls

Trying to maintain the proper controls using disparate tools across different cloud and on-prem environments takes a lot of work. Instead, take advantage of the same robust, industry-leading Tripwire capabilities for file integrity monitoring, security configuration management and vulnerability management whether you are executing on-prem or in the cloud. Manage your hybrid infrastructure from the same consoles and user interfaces that you currently use. Maintain control of rapidly changing cloud infrastructures using Tripwire’s automated on- and off-boarding capabilities and real-time change detection.

Cloud Configuration Management

Misconfigurations of cloud accounts, storage and SaaS services are among the greatest cloud security risks. Cloud Management Assessor, an extension of Tripwire Enterprise, provides configuration management and integrity monitoring of AWS, Azure and GCP cloud account configurations. Monitor AWS S3, Azure Blobs and GCP Bucket storage elements for unauthorized changes. Ensure SaaS accounts are correctly configured. Track changes and compliance status across multiple cloud accounts from your Tripwire Enterprise console using standard reports and dashboards.

DevOps Security

Modern DevOps processes often fail to include basic security practices for fear of interfering with release processes. Integrate Tripwire for DevOps directly with your CI/CD pipeline to assess containers for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and compliance status before they reach production. Tripwire for DevOps is an automated SaaS solution incorporating the industry-leading security and compliance functionality for which Tripwire is known.


Securing a Multinational Bank's Hybrid Cloud Enterprise

See how one multinational bank leverages Tripwire solutions to secure its hybrid cloud environment.


To serve its global customer base of over 20 million people and keep financial services at competitive rates, this major banking institution migrated many of its customer-facing services to the cloud. Due to the elasticity and short lifespan of servers, as well as the growing presence of containers, properly securing its cloud infrastructure proved to be a challenging task. Having kept its trust in Tripwire for the last 18 years, this multinational bank implemented Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 for dependable risk assessment and configuration control across its hybrid enterprise. Tripwire enables the organization to remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before reaching product environments – reducing its attack surface of cloud-hosted systems through the integration with DevOps teams and their orchestration tools.


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Major Financial Institution

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