Executing an Efficient Cloud Security Strategy

15 Cybersecurity Experts on Smarter Security in the Cloud


Executing an Efficient Cloud Security StrategyCloud computing is still on its meteoric rise, with a projected market share of $285.3 billion by the end of 2025. It’s quickly becoming the norm for organizations to base their operations either somewhat or completely in the cloud thanks to motivations like cost savings, elasticity and improved productivity.

However, organizations often don’t have the cloud cybersecurity education and training to keep up with the rate of cloud adoption and its associated security responsibilities. With issues ranging from open S3 buckets to a lack of identity access management, how do large organizations implement an efficient strategy and find the right cloud security tools?

To try and answer that, we asked a number of cloud security experts to share their thoughts on some of the key cloud security challenges and to give advice on how organizations can implement a cloud strategy that will keep them secure.