Automating FISMA Compliance

See how applying Tripwire’s Security Configuration Management solution can accelerate your FISMA compliance activities


Screenshot of Automating FISMA Compliance Solution BriefThe U.S. Federal government requires all departments and agencies to comply with the Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA). This can be extremely time consuming, error-prone and expensive.  

To make these activities more efficient, the federal government emphasizes automated FISMA reporting and processes.  Tripwire enables government organizations to automate reporting and achieve continuous compliance to meet the FISMA standards.  

The Solution Brief explains how Tripwire security configuration management automates FISMA controls, including examples for:

  • Audit and Accountability: Content of Audit Records (AU-3)
  • Access Control: Unsuccessful Login Attempts (AC-7)
  • Configuration Management: Monitoring Configuration Changes (CM-4)

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