Automate your GDPR Compliance with Tripwire

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Use foundational security controls from Tripwire to help achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

Audit Ready Reporting

Quickly produce reports with out-of-the box reporting templates that prove compliance with GDPR requirements. Many GDPR requirements are non-prescriptive. Tripwire maps industry recommended and proven controls to meet the appropriate GDPR security requirement.

Match the Control to the Risk

GDPR requires assessing risk and matching controls to address those risks. Use Tripwire IP360 to prioritize risks that could be used to compromise systems or data. Detect and reconcile changes to protect file integrity with Tripwire Enterprise integrity manager. Maintain log records and access for forensic investigation using Tripwire Log Center.

Maintain Continuous Compliance

Use Tripwire Policy Manager to monitor systems against GDPR policies. Immediately be alerted if changes take you out of policy compliance. Use Tripwire Enterprise to efficiently restore the correct settings. The result is systems that stay in continuous compliance with GDPR requirements.

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