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NERC CIP Compliance with Tripwire and NovaTech

NERC CIP Compliance with Tripwire and NovaTech

The integration between Tripwire and Novatech’s NERC CIP Password, Configuration and Remote Access Management solution brings a consistent approach to the management, auditing and maintenance of secure configurations across a wide range of devices, including ICS and SCADA devices used in substations.

NovaTech is part of the Tripwire NERC Alliance Network (NAN) program that has been designed to foster collaboration on critical infrastructure compliance and security solutions that help companies efficiently and effectively achieve NERC CIP compliance. NovaTech has been making power grids and process facilities around the world more reliable, efficient, sustainable and secure for over three decades.

The integration between the Tripwire NERC Solution Suite and the NovaTech Orion Substation Automation Platform provides mutual energy customers with automation software that drastically reduces the time and resources required to manage secure configurations and collect audit evidence for NERC CIP compliance.

Download this datasheet to learn:

  • How Tripwire and NovaTech deliver combined benefits to utility customers who must comply with NERC CIP standards
  • Which specific NERC CIP compliance standards and requirements are covered by this integration
  • How the Tripwire NERC CIP Solution Suite dramatically reduces the time and effort for power and utility companies to pass their audits
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