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NERC CIP Compliance with Tripwire and RedSeal

NERC CIP Compliance with Tripwire and RedSealWhen building a program for NERC CIP compliance, organizations must balance the need to be audit-ready with the resources required to achieve and maintain compliance. NERC CIP version 6 increases the amount of work required to achieve and maintain compliance, effectively raising the bar on registered entities.

While many tools can help, Tripwire and RedSeal offer a unique combination of capabilities that automate difficult parts of the NERC CIP standards. With Tripwire’s extensive endpoint data and vulnerability information, and RedSeal’s unique network access intelligence, Tripwire and RedSeal provide deeply complementary perspectives on the environment.

Together, the two product portfolios provide a multi-level view into critical cyber assets and their environment. Download this datasheet to learn:

  • How combining Tripwire and RedSeal helps you become and stay NERC CIP compliant
  • Which specific NERC CIP standards and requirements are covered by this integration
  • How Tripwire and RedSeal vulnerability scanning combine to enhance your security posture
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