Designing the Foundations of a Secure Organization

Foundational Controls may not sound like the appealing subject in IT, but arguably they’re the most critical.


Quite simply, without fundamental controls in place and accurate knowledge of what is on your network, your organization will find it incredibly difficult to manage a breach and effectively remediate. It’s very much the vogue at the moment to focus IT security budgets on prevention technologies, to stop malware samples that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities, and to defend against advanced attacks like those we hear about on a day-to-day basis. But perhaps we need to stop and realize that the likelihood of an ordinary data breach is still quite high. If a breach does happen, do we have the controls in place to quickly and easily identify where it originated, what the impact is/was, how we can remediate quickly and efficiently, and how do we can prevent a similar incident from happening again?

Watch this webinar featuring Amar Singh, CEO & Founder of Cyber Management Alliance, and David Mckissick, Senior Systems Engineer at Tripwire, for a discussion on designing the foundations of a secure organization.

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