Endpoint Detection and Response: Proactive Endpoint Defense

We are under siege, and all organizations—big and small, commercial and government, local and multinational—are cyberattack targets.


Tripwire Endpoint Detection and Response Solution Brief ScreenshotWhile effective security relies on a multilayer defense strategy, it’s important to recognize that the endpoint is the primary target of cyberattacks. Unfortunately, the classic definition of endpoint—something with which a user interacts, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone—is no longer sufficient. The definition must expand to include employee-owned devices, virtual machines, point-of-sale terminals, IoT devices and even servers. In short, anything that can be targeted in an attack or used as a conduit to a device that can be attacked must be included in coordinating overall defenses.

A new strategy is needed to effectively respond to this emerging and rapidly-escalating danger. Tripwire delivers an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution that includes a broad range of capabilities. Our solution is ideally suited for business-critical endpoints and the infrastructure that supports them.

Download this solution brief to learn how you can protect your critical infrastructure, from the endpoints in.

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