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Tripwire and Visible Ops A Four-Phase Approach to Instituting Change Management

While annual business plans focus on strategic initiatives designed to keep the enterprise competitive or to mitigate risk, it’s the day-to-day operations that consume the most time and resources. For many IT organizations, is seems that just keeping the computers running and the lights on occupies the majority of their time.

What can you do to gain control? Control change. When you can consistently and effectively control change in an IT production environment, you have taken a significant step forward in operational effectiveness, resource efficiency, and risk mitigation. Effective change management processes appropriately blend process, people and technology—and helping IT organizations institute them is the goal of the IT Process Institute’s Visible Ops methodology. The Visible Ops methodology delivers clear, concise guidance on how to improve processes by controlling change.

Download this paper to get an introduction to the four-phase Visible Ops approach, and start to gain control.

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