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IoT Device Cybersecurity

Connected Device Security Assessments by Tripwire


Tripwire IoT Device Cybersecurity Services BriefDevices running embedded software exist all around us—and industries across the board are accruing these IoT devices faster than they can keep up with securing them. The rise of such devices stands to benefit the quality and efficiency of products and services in smart grid, manufacturing, retail, critical infrastructure, and more. The market for industrial IoT (IIoT) alone is projected to hit $123 billion by 2021.

Tripwire supports manufacturers of connected devices and organizations that utilize them by providing rigorous security assessments. Tripwire’s device testing approach includes identifying security risks and vulnerabilities that may exist in the physical construction of the device and its network interfaces. Our goal is to identify potential control exposures through security configuration analysis and vulnerability testing of the platform and the operating environment. Tripwire analyzes the security configuration of the operating system.

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