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Tofino Xenon Industrial Security Appliance

Tofino Industrial Security ApplianceIn a class by itself, Tofino Xenon is versatile, rugged and is an ideal solution for protecting the operation of industrial control systems.

It is so much more than an industrial firewall. Not only can it perform deep packet inspection (DPI) on industrial protocols to ensure, for example, that Modbus traffic is writing and reading to the right set of registers—it can also do protocol anomaly detection without the need for signature updates to stop zero-day attacks.

From initial installation to ongoing operation, the one purpose is to keep the industrial process running. Network architecture changes are not required, as this appliance operates at the data link layer (layer 2 of the OSI network model). This makes the device stealth on the network, as it does not have an IP address. Control engineers can define rules that specify which devices are allowed to communicate and what protocols they may use.

Key Features

  • Provides additional application layer filtering for SCADA and ICS protocols using flexible loadable security modules (LSMs)
  • The only industrial security appliance on the market that is 100% undiscoverable and undetectable once deployed
  • Industry-leading Tofino Xenon configuration change detection solution with Tripwire® Enterprise, satisfying internal audit or regulatory requirements for change control processes

Technical Information

Get a complete list of the technical features and specifications.