Detecting the Insider Threat

Your organization’s greatest asset is also its greatest threat. The very people you trust to make your organization successful can also be the ones to cause the most damage. Tripwire’s combined security controls not only helps detect threats from outside your network, but also from within, identifying key risk indicators and detecting malicious insiders before sensitive data is exfiltrated and containing the potential damage.

Log Insider Activities

Tripwire Log Center provides visibility into user activities across your network, with its tight integration into Active Directory and other services, you can quickly map suspicious activities to specific users in real-time. In addition Tripwire Log Center provides the ability to quickly search archived logs to quickly track all activities by a specific user.

Track Changes Made By Employees

Tripwire Log Center tightly integrates with Tripwire Enterprise, providing further granularity, not only triggering alerts on events such as login attempts, but also track changes to files, be it the editing of configuration files, or copying of sensitive data to a server.

Harden Your Internal Network From the Tech Savvy Insider

The most dangerous malicious insider, is the privileged insider, such as system administrators. This group of users not only have escalated privileges on your network, but also technical skill. This group can leverage configuration and system vulnerabilities. Tripwire IP360 vulnerability management solution provides visibility into where you are weak from the inside, paired with Tripwire Enterprise to help ensure your system configurations are hardened and in line with your corporate security policies.

The Insider Threat: Detecting Indicators of Human Compromise


In addition, Tripwire not only provides security solutions, but supports a number of critical compliance mandates, including the PCI DSS.


Compliance and security overlap, but are not the same. Compliance provides standards and procedures for a stable system with security controls, while security identifies and protects from threats and vulnerabilities. We needed a solution that addressed both issues.

Dominick Birolin, Network Engineering & Cyber Security Lead, Essential Power